Bicycle Trade In

Trade in your old bike toward a brand new bike

We offer 2 programs to help you trade in your old bike.

Please be aware that any used bikes we sell in store are serviced and sold with a warranty so this adds to our cost. Many times it may be better to sell average bikes yourself to friends or post an ad online.

Store Trade In

We accept one trade in bike toward each new bike purchase in store. The program is designed for older bikes that are not of much value.

We allow $30 credit if your bike is a Giant, Specialized or Trek. Any other brand we allow $15 credit

We may resell the bike as a used bike after maintainance is performed or we may donate it to a worthy charity

Bicycle Blue Book Trade In

This program is designed for bikes that are newer and can be re-sold

We work with the largest bike value pricing guide to provide you with an accurate trade in price. Once the wholesale  trade in value has been determined we will either issue that credit toward a purchase or issue a gift card for the value. We then ship the bikes to an independent reseller that will purchase them from us for the credit that we issued you. We don't make money on your trade in, it actually costs us to ship it out. We provide this as a service to you at no charge