Kid's bike trade-up program at Bike Connection




As bicycle riders and parents ourselves we like to promote safe bicycle riding for kids of all ages. We also understand that kids can outgrow new bikes quickly which can sometimes be a strain on your wallet. This is why we have created the Bike Connection Trade-Up Program to help kids progress from their first kids bike all the way through until they are ready for their first adult full size bike. When children are riding a quality and properly sized bicycle it develops the skills and habits that can be the start a lifetime of fun and healthy activity.


What can I trade in?


You can trade in any kids bike, trailer, or trail-a-bike purchased from Bike Connection within 4 years from date of purchase.


You may trade-up to a larger bike (or their first bike) when the time comes and receive 50% of your purchase price (after any trade-up credits are applied) in credit toward the new, larger bike.

This is valid on any juvenile bicycle with 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, or 24” bike


How do I get the full 50% credit?


Don’t worry because we don’t expect the trade-up bikes to be perfect, but we need them to be in good condition. We want your kids to ride their bikes and enjoy riding so we expect some normal wear and some scratches and chips.


The trade-up bike needs to be in good working order and physically appealing. We may have to reduce the trade-up credit if the bike is excessively damaged or rusted.